Sep 18, 2006

Business networking sites

I wrote the following text for a friend who asked what the various business networking sites are and what is special to each one of them. I thought I would share it with you too.

1. - Primarily business focused. Connects you to ex-colleagues and classmates. Your page is primarily a version of your CV along with endorsements of your colleagues and people you have worked with, like vendors, partners and consultants. With a paid membership you can reach out to most people on linkedin. You can see my profile there too.

2. - A job seeker networking site along with vertical job search features, that enables you to find out about organizations and vacancies there. Only a US focused site till now.

3. - Is owned by google and is primarily a social networking site that focuses on making 'friends' and communities. Lots of Portuguese and Indian presence there. You have to be invited by someone within Orkut to get in there. Lots of communities thatfocus on functional areas, colleges and organizations.

4. - Focused on business neworking with some social neworking features like a guestbook on your page and the ability to upload a single photo. My page is here

5. OpenBC - Business networking site, focused on Europe, good UI and you can set automated search agents that email you on a weekly basis with results.

6. Ecademy - Focussed on UK and has facilities for blogs, newsletters and lots of communication.