Sep 24, 2006

HR more suitable for women?

I got this email recently:

My concern is i wanna do mba in HR but i m been discouraged by all the person around me. i hv been told tht this feild is dominated by fairer sex n the job itself suits more to them.

Sorry to bust the myth, ladies and gentlemen. Gender and predisposition to HR jobs are not related.

Whether you are male or female, HR jobs are are about adding value to the organization.

  • Can you get the best people to work for your organization?
  • Can you motivate and reward them better than your competitors?
  • Can you develop people so that they grow and take more responsibilities faster?
  • Can you counsel and coach employees?
  • Can you work with business so that they understand how having the best people is better for them?
  • Can you design and implement policies and practices that tie up all these together?

If the answers to all this is "yes" then you'll make a good HR professional.

It don't matter if you're male or female!

I think the flawed thinking about HR being more suited for ladies is the feeling about men that HR is all about administrivia and "taking care" of employees. Check Jeff's post here on Administrative Helper Therapy Victims