Sep 30, 2006

Indian employment figures

According to this story, according to a survey only 37% of urban India was employed. The article states that this is of the 'employable' population which I assume is between the ages of 18-60.

If that is the case, then it is quite a long way we have to go.

For urban males the hotel, restaurant and travel sector hired 28% of the people, while for women the services sector hired the majority at 36%.

The problem with these figures are that they often fail to factor in the unorganized sector reliably. And clubbing a sector like services together fails to distinguish 'business services' from 'consumer services' like haircutting or tailoring or dress designing !

As Indians take to domestic travel a lot more and eat out more frequently, the hotel restaurant and travel industry will end up employing a lot more people.

Skills are linked intricately to earning capacity of people, so industry bodies will have to look at helping their employees gain skills that would result in value added revenues for member organizations.

As manufacturing becomes more world class and automated specially in the auto component industry for example, how will they hold on to their CAD CAM designers who are being poached by IT services firms?

Only skill upgradation at an individal level will lead to products and services that customers will pay a premium for, that would raise the per capita income of the country.