Sep 18, 2006

Infosys blog on Managing Offshoring

An anonymous blogger tipped me off on Infosys' second blog "Managing Offshore IT".

It's written by a Mohan Babu who's written a book on Offshore IT.

He's actually linked to a business competitor who also blogs, S Sadagopan's post on

Notch one up for blogging and Indian IT camaraderie between Infosys and Satyam bloggers.

The question I am left with is, why has Infosys started these blogs? They don't seem to be adding any conversation so far. Mohan's blog hasn't got a single comment so far. The content seems to be focussed at Infosys' clients and their language. Do they think this blog will show their thought leadership in this area and sway their clients from going back to Accenture and IBM now that theyhave Indian delivery centres too?

There are some conversations for which blogs are suited and some for which they are not. Infy needs to get that right, in my opinion.

update: More commentary on Infosys blogs here