Sep 7, 2006

Will a no-poach agreement be useful?

Some of my posts on HRgyan on Call centre companies having a non-poaching agreement:

Interesting debate. In fact IMHO, call centres first need to have some kind of agreement on their billing rates before going for such a measure. The more they commoditify their business offerings the more they will find retaining good people an issue.

I was reading some data that said that 40% of people who leave call centres/BPOs actually LEAVE the industry! That is something the ITES/BPO/Call centre industry needs to be worried about much more than poaching.

They also need to go for innovative solutions for the recruitment puzzle, instead of the usual undergraduate and graduates. I remember seeing an advertisement by MsourcE which explicitly targets the above 35 age bracket to get them into the industry.

Another interesting initiative that a call centre in Delhi tried was housewives working 4 hrs a day !

Instead of trying to chain employees companies should be looking at innovative solutions to bring down their attrition rate.

A no-poach is morally wrong as it infringes on an individual's rights for no fault of theirs.