Oct 13, 2006

Business as social change

The founder of Grameen Bank, Mohammed Yunus did it.

Won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here's to one of the rare examples of cutting edge thought that originated in our poverty stricken neighbour. Innovations for bottom of the pyramid will not originate with the incumbents but with smaller and indigenous entrepreneurs (posted earlier about Grameen Bank in this context here).

As Tom Peters says in his blog post:

I stumbled across Yunus & Grameen about 5 years ago. I went bananas! The story, of course, is amazing. Moreover, it dovetails with all of my Primary Biases:

Small can be beautiful & powerful!
People first!
Women rule!!!!!!!!
Giant forests from tiny seedlings!
Self reliance!
Community based!
Self/Small group management!
Banish the bureaucrats!
Keep it simple, stupid!
Hands on!