Oct 22, 2006

Jobster and Superstar Tags

Jobster announced that it had made a major change to how your profile could be presented on their site.

In case you didn't know, you could add tags to your page/profile on jobster (kinda like how you add tags to pictures on flickr and to your blogs on technorati and your URLs on Del.icio.us).

The problem with tags when you want to be found, is that it can get very easy to game the system.

The same can be said to be true for resumes on job boards. A savvy job-hunter can be smart enough to pack enough nice keywords on his/her resume to keep it popping up in front of recruiters.

The solution is deceptively simple. Limit the number of tags that can be search to a very limited number and ask people to describe themselves in those limited tags. Check out my "superstar tags" on my profile here.

My only question is, what is the possibility that people are looking not for prospective employees but also consultants on Jobster :-) ?