Oct 15, 2006

NDTV launches a job board

Is it following the Times Groups' lead? ContentSutra informs that NDTV has launched NDTVjobs, its own job board with collaboration with Yellojobs.com . It's even linked from the main NDTV page and therefore might get some decent traffic. As they explain:

It’s a mirror image of the site Yello runs/developed in Thailand for MSN Careers. Yello has sites with both the Yello brand, as well as co-branded portals. Who’ll be running the show here?
I don’t know how this fits in with the NDTV mission, but if you look at what’s happened over the past couple of months, the gameplan for media houses seems to be to use the power of their distribution network to plug.

I checked out the Career Blogs section. Why is it plural? It's only a single blog with 4-5 categories. Primarily linkblogging with no original content. No India focussed content too, as links are to websites like Businessweek or CareerBuilder. No author names. No permalinks. You must be logged in to leave a comment (pray, why?). Verdict: Avoidable.

The Resource Blog for employers is also similarly lame.

The BootCamp section is merely as listing of Management Development Programmes by various B Schools of the country. Maybe my expectation of a job board that also helps build your skills will remain unfulfilled as of now !

So here's two thumbs down for this attempt by NDTV.