Oct 30, 2006

Soldiers to Kill MilBlogs

Wired News: Under Fire, Soldiers Kill Blogs:
"The recent U.S. pressure on milbloggers, reported by Wired contributing editor Noah Schachtman in his Defense Tech blog, highlights the security risks of blogging by active duty military personel -- including those in Iraq with access to e-mail and the internet.

But it also signals a growing culture clash between military traditions of censorship and the expectations of young soldiers weaned on open digital culture, according to current and former military personnel."

The corporate world is modelled on the military one. Don't believe me? Look at the language of strategy and marketing. So corporate edicts to rein blogs could be sign that the culture of a firm is stuck in the 1950s, while an openness to embrace conversations means finally letting go of the mental models of the past.

The question is, would corporations, notorious for playing safe, have the courage to move in that direction?