Nov 7, 2006

Career Planning is a waste of time

There. I said it.

Yes I believe that. And sadly, when I say that to young HR professionals I'd rather they just follow the 8 steps, rather than agonizing over what to do next.

Crafting is more about being ready to changes and responding to whatever the environment throws up. Being ready to learn afresh. Strategy planning died a long time ago, so should career planning.

One really has to do two paradoxical things, be focussed and yet be broad enough.

Kind of like, emergent strategy.

Update: The most important thing I feel is to realise one's own innate talents, and recognize what you can do and what you can't. As they say in cricket, be a player who plays within his/her limitations. To do so, calls on being self reflective and looking at what has given you the maximum satisfaction and pleasure in doing.

Then look for roles that demand those talents.