Nov 23, 2006

Organizational Chart Wiki

Joel reports that the often sacred "organizational chart" will be available for people to create and everyone to see !

Scoble outlines CogMap, a wiki that empowers anyone, employee or not, to create organizational charts for any company, big or small.

This is going to spook a lot of companies. Now, there’s no way to know if these org charts are accurate once you get beyond the executive suite. Still, as Wikipedia has showed us, once the network effect takes over, the quality of information may get a lot better. It would be great as CogMap ramps up to give companies a place to verify information - should they even wish to.

Org charts for Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft are already available.

Wow ! That's one more tool for sales people and recruiters to use. Considering the fact that Indian firms' charts change so frequently it will require a really dedicated wiki chap to maintain relevance !