Nov 25, 2006

Training - which one is better

On a HR email list I saw this email from a person:

We are looking for an answer?? Do employees like inbound training or
Outbound training?

Which one of them according to you is better?
My reply was:

Do you mean "classroom training" when you say "inbound training"? Outbound training is very popular with participants as it goes against the preconceived notions of training. It is very activity based and is outdoors and gives people a chance to escape their ordinary humdrum corporate life.
However as a HR professional, the focus should be on how people utilise learning they get in training (whether classroom or outbound) and if post training support is not given well, even with a very positive feedback (where employees might have "liked" a program) very poor implementation might result.
So when spending your training money, be very cautious :-)