Dec 18, 2006

Article on Leadership Development

This is the rough draft of the outline of my proposed article on Leadership Development.

Any idea what I could add to it?

I. The shortage of Leadership Talent in India today.
  1. What is leadership?
  2. How is leadership different from management?
  3. How to meet the challenge of the leadership talent crunch.
    1. Build the bench strength for leadership
    2. Look at competencies for leadership
    3. Look the future competencies and business changes
    4. Decide how many would be hired externally and how many internally
  4. Build leadership development into the fabric of talent management.
    1. Leadership development is not a standalone activity
    2. Look at leadership when
      1. Attracting talent
      2. Motivating talent
      3. Promoting talent
      4. Compensating talent
    3. Understand that leadership development is not the HR function’s responsibility
    1. It needs to be the leadership’s mission
    2. Board members and function heads need to own leadership development in their domains.
    3. Business needs to define different kinds of leadership
      1. Functional leadership
      2. Business leadership – general management
      3. Global leadership
  • A leader is not a superman. He/She needs to be supported
    1. Backup leaders
    2. Two in a box