Dec 22, 2006

B-School insights from both sides

AK Menon goes to recruit students for his firm at the ICFAI Business School for summer internships and shares his impressions.

Somehow I came back with an uneasy feeling -there is a distinct lack of imagination and ownership when it came to SIP! Over 800 of the brightest youth-from across the country-a good mix of experience and promise-they seem to have all their future plans well laid out..atleast in the rehearsed pitch at the interview!

The missing link- the vital piece SIP which wd give the students a 3 month insight into the practical world –how businesses actually work-the dynamics of interpersonal management, chance to experiment with some of the hypothesis they have nurtured…

Yes, MBA is a lot about playing safe, because it helps self-select people. Why go to the 300 degree colleges if you can find the top 10 students from them in 3 B Schools? However, with
the talent crunch really exploding, things might change as I commented on Rashmi’s post:

I personally think this will get some sanity into the MBA entrance process. If the IITian works for McKinsey or Goldman sachs the motivation for doing an MBA changes. The focus will move from placements to learning more :-)

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