Dec 9, 2006

Babus go to B School

Not just US civil servants but even Indian IAS officers are going back to school. B School, that is.

Just shows that you can learn anytime.

There was an article in Outlook that showed how certain IAS officers who were however sent to foreign universities, abruptly vanished and did not join back. So having the programs in India would be ridding the government of that headache.

The public sector and specially technical PSU firms like HAL are ripe pickings for private companies as the public sector firms are hindered by government regulations like the Pay Commission report and inability to change salaries when they want to. HAL is where my dad worked for 20+ yearsafter his stint with the Indian Air Force, so I know the firm and its culture quite well :(

Speaking of attrition, well as they say, attrition is about statistics. And as someone said "There are lies, damn lies and statistics". Since it is not a figure that has to be reported by way of any statute companies define it as they see fit.