Dec 18, 2006

Bias and discrimination

FE reports that Bias casts its shadow over India Inc:
"In its global survey, Kelly Services, which is into staffing solutions found that 64% of respondents in India have experienced prejudice when applying for a job in the last five years. The Kelly Global Workforce Index sought the views of approximately 70,000 jobseekers in 28 countries, including almost 2,000 in India.

Discrimination in India was found to be relatively high by global standards with India ranking fifth on the list of 28 countries. Age was the major source of prejudice cited by 16% of the respondents, followed by 13% for gender and 3% for disability."
Does your organization discriminate, when selecting, promoting or rewarding people? Is the prevailing notion that "only men suit that job" or "He can't do that. It needs a young enthusiastic worker to do that job" without data given to deny people opportunity?
Do your job ads say "young programmers wanted" or "Lady Guest Relations Executives Jobs available"?
Are light switches made in such a way that people in wheelchairs can't reach them?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then your organization is in dubious company.

So, what are you going to do about it?