Dec 27, 2006

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India's biggest job site is becoming a blogger service provider to its corporate clients?

Hmm, very interesting. However most of the blogs on are quite sucky, check this, this, this and this out, for example.

I guess what these firms now need is a blogging consultant (heh).

Seriously, if any of you work at the firms who have these really sucky blogs at please let your firm know that its image is taking a beating in the blogosphere.

Naukri's own blog is a trifle better, but could be much better.

Goes to prove that HR and Recruiters should really learn more about branding, specially in the Web 2.0 world. Employee communication and prospective employee communication is not too different from customer communication. How well people 'get' social media in HR and Staffing/recruiting/resourcing groups will determine how well they link to the next generation workforce.

I think it would be good for Naukri and its clients to attend Regina's talk next February in Mumbai. She's a global HR and OD professional and a blogger too. They wouldn't even have to pay in dollars !