Dec 26, 2006

Conor doesn't like my blog

Conor, an Irish IT advisor has a quick rant about the overpowering graphics and colors of my blog, the hit counter and the "b-list blogger" link.

Do you agree?

User experience trumps any other factor for me on this blog (that's why I also publish full feed, for example).

Feel free to subscribe, if like Conor, you like the content but not the looks. Beauty is just HTML coding deep, right?

Update: I've dumped two of the is the "Best Indiblog of 2004" picture (I really wasn't, I was second runner-up....but was too sentimental about it to let it go ;-) and the "B-list Blogebrity" picture too (that was a big ego-boost at the time too :-))

Should I dump the performancing ad too? I have to keep uCheez :-) And both have to be "over the fold"