Dec 27, 2006

Indian talent bloggers

This post is about some really good "talent" bloggers in India whom I enjoy reading.

Update: How did I forget V Kartik? The former Head HR of Texas Instruments, India has started blogging on OD and More. Here's looking for more and more posts from him :-)

Anuradha Ganapathy - An OD Manager with a US Investment Bank's Indian arm, Anu is one of the rare bloggers I know from before she turned a blogger. A writer of great sensitivity and a HR and OD professional full of thoughtfulness, my only regret is her infrequent posting. However, each post of hers is well worth the effort of waiting :-)

AK Menon - AK is a client of mine, but he's not in this list because of that. He's the CEO of Options Executive Search and uses his blog to reflect on recruiting in India, as well as on the general business trends. Jobseekers in India (or who move to India) should also keep an eye peeled on this blog as AK promises more posts to do with senior management positions that he's working on.

HR Funda - Ajit is a person who I know virtually and yet I think we know each other so well. His blog is a good 'opinion' blog on current HR issues that he comes across. Ajit is a HR manager with a large well known IT services firm, so gets a lot of insider perspective :-)

Sucharith Menon - Sucharith has the best advice for jobseekers, culled from across the web and as a recruiter he knows what he's talking about !

Adwait Joshi - The only blog on recruiting in India at ERE blogs. I think so. Adwait is another person who I wish would post more frequently. But as they say, gems are rare.

B Prem Rao - Management Consultant with a long career, more than 30 years, Prem is arguably the oldest Indian blogger :-D. He's a total YAHOO (Young At Heart, Old Otherwise) as he blogs about People at Work & Play. Focussing on self-development, his posts are short but do the trick.

Prasad Oommen Kurian
- OD consultant who's an ex-rocket scientist ! Prasad is one of the most conceptually clear HR people I've ever come across ! A senior from XLRI, he's worked as both an external HR consultant as well as an internal Organizational Effectiveness consultant so he gets a unique perspective to HR and OD consulting [added on 11 Jan, 2007]

Some other bloggers who I keep a track of:

Dr. U Balaji - On learning and life, and human needs, the former SVP of Satyam Learning Center and currently head of Satyam Foundation, Dr Balaji has an intense blogging style, much like himself. Doc, please, please blog again.

HR Channel - It's started off, but will it be maintained ? I hope it will.