Dec 9, 2006

Learning Styles

As part of the HR elective course that I currently teach at KIAMS, Harihar, I today asked the students to take a psychometric test called the Learning Styles Inventory. The LSI is based on Kolb's model of how people learn.

The central premise is that people learn from experiences and that one's learning style is what people do with that experiences.

The model shows how learning is movement from concrete experiences to reflective observation to abstract conceptualization and then to active experimentation.

People have a preference for a certain mode of learning and can be divergers, assimilators, convergers and accomodators/collaborators.

Work and learning are inextricably tied and hence knowledge of one's learning style could be a great tool to be more self aware of one's preferred area of work :-)

You can find more details at this site.

Donald Clark has a great synopsis of the comparison of the Learning Styles with other models of personality like MBTI and Gardner's model of multiple intelligences.