Dec 12, 2006

So you are not interested in people

david asks What If You're Not That Interested in People?:
"In my experience, there's too little reflection and examination on the consequences of those points, and too much glib advice (including by me) that you 'should' get interested in people.

I think that misses the whole point about not being able to fake it. People array along a continuous spectrum of how genuinely interested they are in other people, and how comfortable they are in relating to other people on an intimate one-to-one ('drop the mask, be human') basis. Given different underlying characters and personality tyupes, maybe we need to stop pretending that everyone CAN become 'interested in other people.' If you really can't fake it, then what use is the advice that you should 'get interested?'"

I agree. There is no one career ladder. If you don't like a certain role, don't take it. One does not have to bury their own individuality in the altar of career growth. It is time when growth is seen in doing better and deeper work, rather than just growing in the number of people you manage.