Jan 17, 2007

After advertising now jobs

Seems like A list blogs are slowly morphing into online versions of trade journals or newsletters.

First they make money through advertising and then they launch classifieds sections, specifically around jobs.

So after Om Malik's GigaOM job board, CrunchBoard by Techcrunch, Problogger's job board and Joel on Software have their own job boads now.

After the tech crowd, looks like other A listers are also joining in the party.

Yesterday I received a mail from Piers Fawkes of trend hunting blog psfk, that they are launching a jobsite too. Although the job site is international, the focus is on London, New York, LA, Berlin, Tokyo, Shanghai & Sydney.

So I mailed Piers if readers from India and nearby regions would also have relevant jobs, and he replied that right now the focus on India is not there.

Julian has an interview with Piers also.

I came across an interesting post at Moustache that rues the fact there are too many such niche job-boards. Will the existence of similar targeted such job boards help or hinder job searchers and recruiters?

Imagine one is a specialist in credit card marketing in Mumbai. And imagine that there are different blogs with job boards on the subjects of finance, credit cards, marketing, retailing, Mumbai. Your dream job could exist in any one of them.

The promise of the large job boards was aggregation, but with micro audiences coming, there exists the danger of splintering of the content too.

If such a thing happens then recruiters and job hunters are in for a tough time in the future.