Jan 9, 2007

Emotional intelligence and executive success

It's a wonder how people still do not recognize the importance of Emotional Intelligence for executive success. On linkedin answers someone asked:
What is more important for a successful Executive career - Intelligence or good Communication skills? My colleagues and friends often debate and discuss the key factors for success among C-level Executives. Obviously both of these factors are important, but which do you feel is most important in the business world, and why?
This is what I replied:

Most research has pointed out that as one interacts more with people, it is emotional intelligence that is more important. The abilities to recognise one's own emotions, managing them, recognising other's emotions and empathising is more important than IQ or plain communication skills.

Intelligence is the basic threshold block for many jobs. For other jobs communication skills are minimum criteria. But to really grow in firms, and to succeed, emotional intelligence is the key differentiator.