Jan 12, 2007

IT folks get bored easily?

Rediff reports on what Infosys' HR head said recently. Hmm, coming from a former CFO, shouldn't the statement have had more grounding in numbers? Heh, maybe making fuzzy statements without data comes with the territory of a HR job ;-) [Hat-tip: Bis]

New IT pros get bored easily:
"'I think the people, who have been joining in the last one-two years, have a feeling of restlessness among them,' T V Mohandas Pai, who is in charge of human resources at the Bangalore-headquartered Nasdaq-listed firm, said.

Pai, who is also chairman of Infosys BPO, said IT professionals joining today are restless, they want to go up the ladder very fast and see rapid change in the work they do.

* Infosys Q3 PAT up at Rs 983 crore

'They get easily bored. They do just one project and they get bored and they want something else,' he said in response to questions at a press conference, where the company announced its third quarter results.

Pai sought to term the trend as a 'qualitative change' and 'symbiotic' of what is happening in the society today."

Seriously, I think Mr Pai doth protest too much ! If these are indeed " 'symbiotic' of what is happening in the society today" then Infosys and he should be doing something about it.

Firms today claim to be super-responsive to ever changing client demands and specifications.

Well helllooo, welcome to your other client, your employee. Dear HR heads, your employee is not just a resource (oh, how I hate that term !) anymore, but a stakeholder. You are no longer the high and mighty 'mai-baap' who can say 'take it or leave it'.

Welcome to the new world of work!