Jan 4, 2007

Talent Management Challenges

From Top-Consultant.com:
"Finding, developing and keeping talent are among the top concerns for human resource (HR) executives for 2007, according to the ORC Worldwide HR Priorities Survey, which annually polls a group of global HR executives from a cross-section of industries.

Every six out of 10 respondents (61.7 percent) said the most pressing strategic HR issues companies will face in 2007 fall into the realm of 'talent management.' "

Why am I not surprised? Well because of what the majority of work HR professionals do fall under the ambit of "talent management" from attraction, motivation and development of talented people ...that would account to more than 80% of what HR people should be focussing their energies on.

One of the biggest challenges is that instead of the 80% of time, HR people end up spending much more time on paperwork and work that can at best be described as "administrative". Bumbling between 3 different databases, with fields that don't match, to salary increases that aren't calculated properly, and fighting fires with functions like IT and Finance, I would be surprised if Talent Management was not a challenge for HR people.

The most interesting part of the study however is the difference in HR priorities by company size:

Survey revealed that medium and large companies, spanning from 10,001 to more than 70,000 employees globally, continue to view leadership development and succession planning as top HR issues. Meanwhile, the smallest companies, with up to 10,000 employees globally, rated diversity as a top emerging HR issue.

For the largest companies (more than 70,000 employees worldwide), globalizing HR policies and programs was the third most important emerging issue for 2007.