Jan 9, 2007

Welcoming Prasad to the Blogosphere

There are a quite a few people whose conceptual depth in Human Resources always take my breath away.

And whenever one of them joins the blogging community, I am very pleased :-) as that makes it easier to know what they are thinking and reading these days.

So it is with Prasad O Kurian, my senior at XLRI. Before his MBA in HR, Prasad was a bona-fide rocket scientist, working with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). I guess when he ran out of intellectual challenges, he thought, what's the biggest intellectual challenge than rocket science, and he must have said - human beings !

So let me not keep you from Prasad's blog - go here to read and learn more. I love the name he's chosen for the blog, Simplicity at the other end of complexity.