Feb 8, 2007

Get into HR

Get into HR - Advice from Monster.com:
"Billie Ruth Sucher, a career transition consultant, says that creativity and discipline are essential to moving into HR from another field, and explains the three-step strategy she teaches her clients"

Well in India life is much more simpler to get into the HR career.

Over the last week I interacted with a person who is an engineer who wants to make a career with HR and does not have a MBA in HR. For him I suggested that he should explore careers in technical recruitment, either with a third party recruiter like Ma Foi, or within a large corporate in the technology sector. Moving from recruitment to other parts of HR is relatively easier. One can also pick up educational degrees when one is working these days much easier.

Sure you'll need discipline and creativity in equal doses to make a HR career. Because as I commented on Nimmy's rant about HR people, the career is quite paradoxical. While one part of it stresses compliance and control and administrative-ness another part of it focusses on change, growth, development and learning.

The first part however is what is overwhelmingly in evidence for most employees. And that is sad !

So if you are seeking a career in HR the question you need to ask yourself, can you handle the ambiguity of a HR role? Can you stress process compliance and yet make the individual feel valued and motivated?

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