Feb 26, 2007

Have something to say?

One of the things that people tell me when I ask them why they don't blog is "I don't have different things to say!"

Most people say they only have one important thought, idea, rant, complaint, to get out to the world. They don't see the value in starting a blog for that one thought.

So here's my idea.

If you are one of these people, mail me your thought, idea, rant, complaint and present it to a slice of the world. Of course, it's not like getting featured in the Times of India or the New York Times, but so long as your thoughts are related to business, management, work life, jobs then mail them to me.

I'll post it here on the blog, if you need it to be anonymous your name will not be revealed. If you want to, I'll link your Ryze, Linkedin, Orkut profile or your webpage if you have one.

No censoring. No editing. You have my word.

Of course, the offer holds for bloggers too.

Get the word out.