Feb 20, 2007

Lies, Damn lies and resumes

AK Menon blogged recently how someone he knew wanted him to give a 'fake' referral about her job somewhere else. As he says:

Right now it seems there is a mad rush to milk the 'general boom' that our Industry is supposedly having...and that to me-is seemingly self destructive!!

As a recruiter, I feel there is too many jobs chasing too little skills-and there is an ecosystem being built up -for all the wrong reasons?

And to think -at the supply end, India doesnt have enough engineering professors in the college to educate the software/hardware engineers of the future.

An interesting viewpoint was put forward by tejbir as a comment to the post as he says

One of my friends on joining this "very reputed" MNC tech firm was sent on an international project by showing him as an expert on SAP with 2 years experience while my friend had not worked on SAP till then!
I know of certain "technical writers" in an Indian IT firm whose job used to be buffering up the resume of the software engineers which were to be sent to prospective clients. However, I thought that the practice kind of died down after the Y2K scare. Apparently, as Tejbir's comment shows, that does not seem to be true.

Even Forbes had an article on most common resume lies.
So why do people do it? Why all the fiction? Simply put, in today's environment, where unemployment is low and people change jobs often, fear often leads to desperation, says Challenger.

But whether you get caught in the interview, on the job or years down the road, Bermont recommends heeding his mother's adage: "Whenever you tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you said."