Feb 7, 2007

Networking and Self-Promotion

david maister ruminates on Self-Promotion:

"Those who are in marketing often laugh at the people who don’t want to “get out and network,” but the reluctance to self-promote is something many of us were brought up with. We can read and be impressed by Ferrazzi’s book about networking, but find it hard to do personally."

I think self-promotion as different from marketing. There will be a link in the views of others but for me, my idea promotion is different from pure self-promotion. I am comfortable promoting my ideas (about HR, knowledge sharing, communities and innovation) than I am about promoting myself per se.

That difference though subtle, is critical for folks like me.

That is what makes me comfortable networking.

So what are you passionate about? If you are really passionate about it, are you spreading the ideas too?