Mar 7, 2007

My Media sources

Nimmy tagged me with this media tag meme that's been going around in the KM circles. Hmm, trust KM people to want to know how people keep themselves informed, heh, right?

So here goes...

  • Books: I am always ready to devour a book. Any book. I was brought up on a diet of fiction from childhood and it always is great to get lost in imaginary worlds created by others. Recently at a second hand book exhibition I got some great Le Carre novels at throwaway prices, and the Dubliners by James Joyce. In the recent past I've mostly read fiction by Indian authors like Amitav Ghosh (his Circle of Reason is my all time favorite), Jhumpa Lahiri (both the Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake were amazing). I got hooked on to IWE (Indian Writing in English) after reading Midnight's Children in 1995 :-). It is also great to read a book that is about a place you know by someone you can call a friend too. On the non-fiction front I stick to the classical management books. Drucker, Tom Peters, Ram Charan. A recent buy has been Ram Charan's "Know-How", am still to read that :-) On KM, Nonaka's classic "The Knowledge Creating Company" has been a big influence. As well as Intellectual Capital by Tom Stewart. Other great books that have been big influences has been The Tao of Physics by Capra, Chaos by Gleick, Sensemaking by Weick, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Genome. Oh before I forget, I guess graphic novels have to go in this section. I loved "The Dark Knight Returns" by Frank Miller a big Batman fan :-)
  • Communication: My preferred mode of communication is by email. I do not like the intrusiveness of the phone unless it is by people close to me. I am not a big IM user too. Can't really express myself with clarity and with dodgy internet connections. SMS texting is a good compromise between the phone and IM. But my vote goes for the email anyday over the others. Hey, but that's just me.
  • TV: I am a eclectic TV watcher. Mostly ESPN-Star Sports, CNN-IBN, NDTV, CNBC-TV18. Love Storyboard when I get the chance on what's happening in the advertising and media industry. Also like to catch the gadgets and tech programs on the channels even though I can't buy anything :-) Love "No Reservations" on Travel and Living. Always wanted a job where I could go around eating in exotic countries and get paid for it :-)
  • Films. Am hooked to predominantly Hindi movies. The whole spectrum, from Nagesh Kukunoor to Aditya Chopra. Though I'll gladly miss a Barjatya movie anyday :-) Am looking forward to the Namesake's movie release (there's even a blog about it). In English movies I like the action movies with some kind of plot. No Vin Diesel for me. I'd rather see a Denzel Washington thriller. Haven't seen too much of the world cinema, though I loved the trilogy of Kieslowski's called Red, White and Blue
  • Magazines - I read magazines when I am travelling. Outlook, India Today, Business Today, Time are my airport buys. Also keep a tab on what Training and T+D are saying.
  • Music - Am not a big music buff. 1980s English music stuff. And Kishore Kumar.
  • Radio - Only get to hear the FM when I am driving. Radio City is the cure for bad traffic in Hyderabad.
  • The Web - Google search. Bloglines. Ryze. Linkedin. Orkut. Google Reader. Flickr. Wikipedia. Wikimapia. The web is my virtual location. I keep reading most from here. This is where I respond and react to my various media stimuli.
So in turn I am tagging these folks (also to check if they really read this blog ;-) :

Hey, anyone who reads it can take this meme forward too !!