Mar 1, 2007

Risks of Corporate Blogging

Patrix pointed me to this article yesterday and Praneeth to this one today. Synchronicity, I tell you :-) !

I agree with most of the points in both the articles.

As I told a journalist who asked me what my advice would be for corporates to utilise blogging:
"Organizations must answer these questions before they undertake blogging or any social media initiative: Can they be authentic? Can they embrace the conversation rather than dictate? Can they shift the mindset of "markets as a battlefield" to "markets are conversations"? Being honest and upfront is the only way to be.

Trying to manipulate or trick blog readers is not a good idea. It might lead to more blowback than gain. The purpose of the blog has to be crystal clear in the organizations mind. It should be a tool to generate conversation and influence. Mixing that with a sales pitch is a lack of integrity.

To anyone who wants to blog, you have to understand the philosophy behind it. Not the tool. Writing skills are very important. Ditching the corporate jargon will be a necessity. People have to be clear and humble. No matter if you are the CEO of a major corporation or the neighborhood barber. It's the age of the attention economy and being engaging is not a "nice to have" skill but a necessary one. Learn to connect. That's the currency of being successful in this medium