Apr 23, 2007

Careerbuilder comes to India

Oh, wonder when this slid under the radar :-) The jobsite space is getting crowded in India. After Monster, another US jobsite opens an India specific site, Careerbuilder India.

If you visit the site, you immediately know what their biggest challenge is...that's getting the number of resumes up on their site, so they are running a contest for giving away free iPods as prizes and to enter one only has to submit one's CV.

Without resumes, they won't get the big ticket advertisers to post jobs. If one clicks on the Top Management jobs one sees "head waiter" kind of jobs posted currently. One thing is that they have some good content, but at the moment it's copied from the US site and there is no India specific content up there.

So how's the jobsite market going to evolve? How is it going to solve the issues like irrelevant jobs being emailed (I get technology jobs and biz analyst jobs mailed to me!), recruiter spam, confidentiality as more and more senior level executives get on to job portals? How does it help organizations who want to brand themselves? That is still now the place where print scores over online areas.