Apr 17, 2007

McKinsey reports companies don't like blogs

MBA blogger Biswajit Das points me to this post about McKinsey Reports Businesses Loving Web 2.0... Except Blogs

That sounds a bit familiar to me.

Most of the arguments I have heard against blogs in organizations is:

  1. Are you sure that grown-up people read blogs?
  2. You mean, grown-up, employed people?
  3. What? I can't outsource this blog thing to my ad agency? I have to spend time to do it?
  4. How do I monetize this then?
  5. What? I have to turn out content...and, good content? What's good?
  6. You mean, I can't buy these backlinks stuff to push up my rankings?
  7. What do you mean, blog about my business? What if my competitor starts to read my blog and gets some ideas?
  8. Let my people blog? Are you crazy? In these days of talent shortage and trigger-happy headhunters?
  9. How will this blog help me cut costs and raise productivity?
  10. It'll help me get closer to customers? Are you crazy? We're trying to push them away! Our focus is to make sales?
  11. What do you mean, it's a short-term focus? Look dude, I am here to meet my numbers... otherwise I'm going to be the one looking for a job..
That's why I have always maintained that blogging is much much better for freelance knowledge workers and professional services firms. Sure, big businesses will start some blogs, and maybe one or two might be big hits too. But I won't bet on it.