Apr 12, 2007

SHRM comes calling

SHRM in India:

"The world's largest human resource management association is set to offer its expertise in India.

If you were to believe Susan R Meisinger, president and chief executive officer of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), HR in India is all set to witness “very exciting times.”

On her maiden visit to this country (SHRM India has been operating since October 2005), Meisinger was impressed by the level of development in HR here."

I'm surprised if they haven't sounded out the National HRD Network in India to collaborate together.

True, that in the times of globalisation there will be less and less needs for "national" networks and more and more Industry and Functional networks.

A "HR Association for IT Services" which cuts across countries would offer greater value. Same true for a "Society of Retail HR Management".

True, logistically it makes more sense to think geographically, but surely someone can come up with a way to get around logistical issues.