Apr 26, 2007

Vault's Indian site

I never realised that vault has an Indian site.

In the US vault and wetFeet are amongst the biggest sites for finding out the inside information about organizations. In fact, universities buy memberships to these sites so that the students can have insider information before joining any organization.

It would be interesting to see how Vault's Indian site grows and develops. As of now it does not seem that WetFeet is still here. My personal view is that WetFeet guides are much better and in-depth.

I still don't think that prospective employees are ready to pay money for reports on organizations, but vault's discussion boards can become a healthy (or unhealthy) way to share company information (or wash dirty linen in public).

For example you can share information and research employers with company specific message boards and employee surveys.

It would be also interesting to see how employers respond to this new entrant. And would vault's relevance be maintained in the age of Orkut and blogging in India?