May 19, 2007

On happiness and job

After the last post, I remembered something and left it as a comment on Guy's post (refering to Penelope's myth number one)

Am reposting it here for you all:

There was some research that stated that people 'happy' with their jobs are those who take ownership in it.

There was this anecdote that Dr. Udai Pareek (on e of India's foremost consultants shared) about a similar research he was doing for a hospital. He found that the gatekeeper's ownership scores were much higher and correlated with high pride he took in his job. These were higher than even the doctors' and nurses' scores. On being asked why he took so much pride in his work, he said "If I don't regulate the visitors' times, the patients won't get well".

So maybe it's not just money or relationship that guarantee happiness..but maybe something more intrinsic to oneself and not in the role/job