May 9, 2007

On Udai Pareek

Don Taylor left a comment on my post earlier saying he wanted to know about Prof. Udai Pareek.

Well, what all can we say about Prof. Pareek. I came to know about him first because he wrote the textbooks that some of us studied. Along with his friend and colleague Rolf Lynton, he wrote the two books on Training for Organizational Transformation. For me Udai will always be an author first and foremost.

He was also one of India's first process facilitators, and along with TV Rao and others in the early 1970s was the founding member of ISABS. You can read his story in his own words here.

On a different level Prof. Pareek is the author and designer of some of the most useful psychometric instruments that I have come across. His book on questionnaires and psychometric instruments is a must have for any trainer-facilitator. In fact, currently I use his questionnaire on Enlarger-Enfolder in a training program on Personal Effectiveness.

He's one of the biggest giants of the OD movement in India, and even now contributes to the understanding of the discipline. He's also interacted with the other giants of the field like Erik Erikson, Doug McGregor and Warren Bennis.

Too bad there's no wikipedia page of Udai's or other Indian OD stalwarts like Pulin Garg, Dharni Sinha.