Jul 1, 2007

Are you an enlarger ?

Whatever you do. whatever you want to do, chances are that your industry/work/career is going through some fundamental shifts.

It's not really possible for us to anticipate and plan for all expected and unexpected changes. Sometimes the experts are not correct. Most of the times they are really wrong.

So what can you do?

You can embrace what Prof. Udai Pareek calls the "Enlarging Style" which can be found out through his Life Orientation Inventory.

Here's more about the two styles the inventory measures, enlarging and enfolding:

Pareek, Udai (1995). Life-Orientation Inventory. (ETS# TC019558) Inventory uses an organizational and career context to allow a person to assess his or her life style orientation within the framework of "enlarging" or "enfolding". The enlarging life style is oriented toward innovation, change, and growth. The enfolding life style is oriented to the goals of tradition, stability, and inner strength.
I've personally thought that in most aspects of my life I am an enlarger, and in some cases I behave like an enfolder. I wish Prof. Pareek blogs about his reflections on the inventory today.