Jul 3, 2007

Query from a recruiter

I got this from a mail, and while I sent an email with my ideas, I have to admit, I am really out of my depth (and breadth) here. So any of you have any suggestions for the writer of this email?

Let me introduce myself.My name is M and i am leading a small team
of it-recruiters in Bangalore in a consulting firm.I have read your
blog...and i must say...ur a huge closet of coveted information and
priceless tips!!

I have a small tip to ask of you...
For the longest time i have struggled with making my recruitment team
more efficient.Especially ones that work on portals.One of the issues
that i have been unable to find a good solution is for that of
"duplication" of resumes sent by our competitors to our corporate
clients. This really hurts our numbers. I have tried multiple things
including trying to increase the speed of my shortlisting process so
we can get the resume to my clients desk sooner.But it hasn't helped
much.If you have any insight on this matter it would be worth its
value in gold for me...:)

Would really appreciate any direction u can give me....

The only help I could provide was writing this mail back... but if you have better ideas (I am sure you will have!) then leave it as a comment for M here.

Sorry, I really don't know how you can increase that, except by getting resumes of people who haven't posted it on portals.

If your competitors are pulling out the resumes and submitting them without checking with the people, I think on the long term that will reflect well on you.