Aug 29, 2007

Yes we are support

Now can we get on with life?

Rick pointed me to his post called HR - too wimpish to drive organisations

It's true. I am quite sick of HR striving to "be a business partner", "getting a seat on the table" etc etc.

In my view there are only two "businesses" in organizations: making and selling. Everything else is "support", that includes everything from marketing to customer support to quality to top management :-)

However, I don't see other parts of an organization whining about "How can we strategically partner with the business to add value" in industry talk forums.

Instead of doing so, HR must concentrate on its core responsibilities: acquiring, developing and motivating exceptional talent, for today and for tomorrow. If the nature of work is pathetic, it's not in HR's hand to change that. If the employees don't see a long term future for themselves in the organization it's not totally HR's fault too.

So can we forget the big things and just focus on the core areas?