Sep 6, 2007

A referral only job site

Ranjit Jatar who till recently used to head Pepsi's Sri Lankan and a part of South India operations has turned an entrepreneur in the job site space by launching Reffster, a referral based job site. Though I must add, the site is still not live and does not have any content.

It's interesting to note that NDTVjobs has also recently started advertising how people can make money by referring their friends for jobs listed there.

Reffster however claims not to be a regular job board but says it will only list "Premium Mid and Senior Management jobs" and that "Resumes will be forwarded to the specific Employer after a back end rigorous screening to ensure that only relevant CVs reach the HR department of the company".

While the latter USP would be a boon to many employers who reel under CV spam (lots of people post their CVs for all jobs listed without seeing if they meet the selection criteria or not) but it is the first claim that might make or break the company. Whereas the current jobsites all target their mass numbers (most jobs listed, most jobseekers registered) Reffster seems to be be taking a contrarian stand in the jobsite game.

It's important to realise that even in a mature market like the US when Jobster launched it focussed on the referral aspect with their tagline "great people know great people" but I guess that didn't work so well because they quickly moved to integrate vertical search and now aim to become a web 2.0 jobsite with people's career pages and a facebook application too.

So I am a bit sceptical of Reffster being a pure-play referral based job site, specially since premium middle and senior management people don't like to float their CV still on jobsites in India.