Nov 16, 2007 for knowledge sharing

A friend, Sanjay Lakhotia asked me to check out, which wants to be the knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking platform between management industry and academia.

The site is still in "alpha" (now is that a sign of web 3.0 ? ;-)

Currently there are a lot of management papers kind of stuff uploaded by current business school students in India. Avneet Jolly (an ex-Hewitt Associates consultant) who is the brain behind the site wants to roll it to B schools in the US and Europe soon. As they say:

Our goal is to do for management knowledge what Wikipedia has done for general knowledge i.e. put it out on the "open" web, so that those who have expertise can add to it, and those who need the expertise can tap into it. In doing so, we will create powerful networks, with rich opportunities for "providers" as well as "seekers" of management knowledge.

However the site it is not a wiki. If you have seen it seems more like a version of focussed on management subjects.

I'm not sure how much management practitioners will use the site, but seems like management students will discover a lot of creative ways to complete their assignments now.

Oh there's a contest on now too...Anyone in the management community is welcome to participate. See details, rules and award information here. Documents submitted up to Dec. 31, 2007 will be eligible for Daily Best Document awards of US$ 100 or 200 each or local currency equivalents. The Overall Best Document submitted during the Contest will receive US$ 3,000 or local currency equivalents.

Wow ! That'll ensure participation, I guess !