Dec 6, 2007

My TV Interview with NDTV

Am just sitting here and getting interviewed for NDTV's program "Urban Planet". The focus of the interview is whether people can earn a living via blogging, and the questions were more about how long I have been blogging, and whether in India people can give up a full day job to take up blogging full time.

My response to these questions was that it would depend on the content and audience for each blog on how they would be targetted, so while a blog focused on Indian content might be popular in India, it would not get in readership from people from other parts of the world.

The other point is that the audience is evolving too, and that they would click on an ad, only when it makes most sense for them.

Hence what is critical is the content and the uniqueness of that blog's take on that content.

In India, with broadband penetrating, hopefully audio and video blogging would take off soon, reaching audience much wider than only urban India. Maybe then would be the time in 3-4 years when people can actually make a living by blogging.

Many thanks to NDTV's V. Satish and cameraman SM Akram and Santhosh for being patient with me and coaching me for my first time in front of the camera !