Jan 22, 2008

Book Review: 101 ways to Get Wild About Work

Curt Rosengren, blogger turned author has written a book called "101 ways to Get Wild About Work"

As Curt says:

The book was actually born in the blogosphere, as many of the ideas were inspired by posts in my old blog, The Occupational Adventure.Written with the busy professional in mind, the book is designed to allow the reader to work through it one small, manageable piece at a time. It will be available both in paper form (via lulu.com) and as an e-book.

The book contains bite sized pieces of advice that most of us instinctively know, but fail to act upon. Ideas that you are the expert who actually has answers to your queries about work (and not bloggers like me ;-) ) Which is why when people mail me and ask me "What should I do about my career?" they are disappointed with my response which is usually on the lines of "What do you want/like/dream of doing?"

Yes there are really 101 chapters on various aspects of work and being passionate about it. The chapters are divided into topics like Self-Exploration, Getting Unstuck, Overcoming Obstacles, Internal Assets, Support, Creativity/Intuition, Awareness, Change, Taking Action andStaying Energized.

The writing is upbeat, and the message is written straight from the heart. If you are looking at charts and data, you might be better off looking at another place. These chapters are a couple of pages long with inspirational quotes by diverse achievers like Da Vinci to Elvis. There is a strong bias towards tools to help yourself too. People who like to focus on "so what" from a book, would gets lots of techniques to deploy it.

In that way, it's a book for the dreamer and the detail-minded. I think the message from Curt's book is that to be passionate about work you have to be both.

You can find more info and purchase the book at http://www.passioncatalyst.com/101ways .