Jan 23, 2008

Will NotchUp catch up?

That's the question I asked myself when Joel invited me for the beta. And then I read his blog post about it.

The site is currently in beta and invite-only. I joined recently. Your LinkedIn profile conveniently serves as your resume, or your can do it the old-fashioned way. The technology is pretty impressive for a beta. You pick a price for being interviewed and payments are made via PayPal.

On the employer side, there is no fee to join and “when you find an individual you’re interested in, make them an offer to interview. If they accept, they’ll share their contact details with you so you can finalize the details of your interview. You don’t pay anything until the interview takes place.” The site also offers a 100 percent refund for interviews-gone-bad, as well as stats and feedback on candidates from their previous interviews.

Techcrunch calls this a “really good idea.” Longtimers may be a bit more skeptical. Industry pro Susan Burns says, “which employers are going to be lining up to pay for interviews?”

Well that was the question I asked myself too. Has resume spam become so bad that companies will want a totally passive candidate base and then pay them to get interviewed?

Will NotchUp work? Well, that would depend on how you have priced your time for the interviewer.

But I still think a better model to fight resume spam is the ladders.com's counter-intuitive one. Check here for what Heather says about them