Feb 21, 2008

100 Talent specific sites

Amy Quinn sent me an email about an article "Where the Talent Is: 100 Sites to Find the Elite in Any-Given-Field" that they have painstakingly set-up to focus on niche jobsites for different kinds of talented people from design folks to lawyers to management to healthcare etc.

The list is US centric of course, but I see a lot of scope for a list of the same type focussing on the other English speaking parts of the world.

For HR jobs they list only one site :-)
Workforce HR Jobs: Sometimes HR personnel need to be hired as well. Help yourself find the best employee for the job with information you can find on this site.

And for management sites there are quite a few:

  • The Ladders: Looking for new executives or higher level employees can be difficult. You can find employees and place listings on this site which specializes six figure jobs and up.
  • Executives on the Web: Find your next corner office resident through this site. Check through thousands of high level resumes to find the best person for your job.
  • 6 Figure Jobs: Make sure you're paying out the big bucks to the right person. This site will help you find qualified candidates for your high level positions.
  • ExecuNet: Find CEOs, vice presidents and other high level management through this site. Post your job and get responses from interested candidates.
  • hundredK: Whether you're looking for a new director of sales, a vice president or even a CEO, you'll find qualified applicants on this site to help you get the best for your business.
  • Manager Crossing: Make sure your management is top notch by drawing from candidates on this site. Posting jobs is free so there is no loss if you don't find exactly what you're looking for.
So if you are looking for US based candidates in a specific field of specialization you should check out the 100 sites listed there.