Feb 15, 2008

Looking for answers

OK, this is a lowdown trick to write a mandatory blog post after feeling guilty that one hasn't been blogging too much. And it doesn't take too much effort and could be mildly amusing for people interested in such sort of things.

So I looked up my visitor stats for the last one month and found that "notchup" was the most frequent search term that led unsuspecting people to this blog (helped by the fact that this blog comes in number 10 when you search for Notchup on google).

On Notchup I haven't heard of anything much after I imported my linkedin profile there. Employers haven't been exactly falling over themselves to pay hundreds of dollars to interview me. Ho-hum, time for a wake up call for gullible folks like me who actually thought this model would work.

The second most popular term was (surprise, surprise) "gautam ghosh" and while I would love to believe that people were searching for me, I guess most of them were looking for the filmmaker.

"Paul McKinnon" was the third most popular search term, and I guess that was because he was being hired by Citibank in a time of turbulence and change, and this blog comes in number 2 on google when you search for him, even higher than his Linkedin profile.

However the most interesting terms are the ones that lead to people spending more time on the blog and google analytics gives me just that.

The person who searched for the long phrase: - on appraisal, 500 infosys employees 'voluntarily resign' - spent 53 minutes on the blog. Wow! Thanks! Though I don't think you found what you were looking for.

Another person who searched for the term - reason for doing mba - spent 47 minutes here, while another one who was looking for mckinsey india number consultants spent 44 minutes. What is the answer to that question, I wonder, 200-300?

A person who was searching for online career coaching india spent 37 minutes on the blog. Hopefully he/she was able to find something that answered some queries. However, are there any online career coaching sites focused for India?

Then there was a person looking for a period of 34 minutes on work life balance capgemini india. Heh, with French roots I am sure there is enough balance between work and life there :-)

There's a slightly bemused question asked by someone which led him/her to this blog - why indian ceo - and spent half an hour here. I hope you got your answer!

There was one person who searched for leadership style of sanjeev bikhchandani. That person spent 25 minutes on this blog. Sanjeev's blog would have given a better picture of the person and his leadership style, isn't it?