Feb 6, 2008

Recruit superstar women rather than men

According to this research (hat tip Bob Sutton) by Harvard Business School Professor Boris Gryosberg:

talented women who switch firms maintain their stardom, and their new employer’s share price holds steady. Groysberg provides two explanations for this discrepancy:

• Unlike men, high-performing women build their success on portable, external relationships —with clients and other outside contacts.
• Women considering job changes weigh more factors then men do, especially cultural fit, values, and managerial style.

These strategies enable women to transition more successfully to new companies. And that has crucial implications for all professionals. By understanding successful women’s career strategies, women and men can strengthen their ability to shine in any setting."

So, organizations can help people become successful by letting them build networks externally? Huge career implications for men from this research, also the need to focus away from only compensation to assessing the fit of the organizational culture with their personality and work styles.

I need to study the research in detail.