Mar 8, 2008

The battle for the internet

Between employers and employees is what blogger and journalist Sidin Vadukut writes in Mint WSJ today. Interesting read on the perspectives. Sidin also asked my view on a particular issue:

The battle to control employee access to the Internet is not one that employers will win easily. That is why, perhaps, ImmersiveX, a Mumbai-based Internet design firm, has tried to rewrite the rules of the game. A recent job posting by the company on a youth job portal had an interesting couple of lines. In the Benefits box, the company has added: “Free Internet! No Orkut blocks!”
But, will the strategy work? Gautam Ghosh, a human resources consultant, is sceptical. “Open Internet and Orkut use might be a differentiator for attracting people, but the company itself would lose out in the long run if the employees cannot manage how much time they spend on the sites, and if work productivity suffers.”

Digital Inspiration blogger Amit is also quoted on workarounds on how people can get Orkut scraps as rss feeds and updated on Facebook by email :-)

Recent news item I read reported on how the bandwidth of a company came down because too many employees were watching YouTube videos at the same time. Am sure the CIO did not find it funny.